I Am, St Lucia | Becoming

About the retreat

The I Am, St Lucia – Becoming Retreat focuses on detox, connecting within, and exploring the environment that surrounds you.

With the one/one guidance of Madame, you will embark on a one week detox before the retreat. During your stay, you will be re-introduced to healthy cooked foods and participate in a range of activities that include movement, relaxation, and cultural exploration. You will visit the north and south of the island and get a taste of St. Lucia’s rich culture.

Through workshops, you will explore the concepts of self love and self care.  As you unwind, explore and connect, you will become…




Nestled along the windswept bluffs of St. Lucia’s famed Cap Estate, Villa Xhale sits above Anse Galet Bay where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean sea. This five star, four bedroom luxurious villa is designed to provide a sanctuary for vacationers seeking rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Xhale is an island sanctuary with the aroma of ocean breeze, tropical flora and the soothing sounds of waves caressing pebbled shores. Xhale is a modern contemporary designed villa, stunningly furnished to embody all modern luxuries including an infinity pool, fire-pit, frameless glass gym and an infinity yoga deck. Each of the villas’ four en suite rooms are uniquely designed with private balconies which opens up to magnificent ocean views.

When you arrive at a place of serene and natural bliss, you XHALE.


Retreat Cost Includes:
Prior to departure
One Week Detox
One/One Coaching
During Retreat
Ground Transportation (includes airport transfers)
All Meals
All Activities 
Retreat Cost: $2,100 – 2700 USD double occupancy only.
All rooms have a sea view, private bathrooms and accommodates up to 2 people. 
Rooms can be shared with a friend, family member or partner which reduces the retreat cost.
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