Elon Johnson

Producer, New York, New York

Like many other women, I struggle with diet and weight. When I reached out to Madame Athena, I was looking for more than just a weight loss program. I needed a manageable lifestyle change. She introduced me to clean eating with a program that was tailored specifically to me and my needs. And those needs included issues with my thyroid, issues with gluten, and the inability to lose weight.

In a month I had dropped more than 10 pounds, my nails grew, my hair grew, and my skin became more vibrant.

Since that time, I’ve maintained my program and find that, in my super active and often hectic lifestyle, it is doable with the right amount of preparation. One other thing that I feel is critical to the program is the communication with Madame. She is always available to me on more than our weekly scheduled meetings. 

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